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Intuitive Code University is where you learn about indisputably proven principles by collaborating in real-time with your mentor and other learners, helping you to build your system to make the best decisions to reach ultimate value. 

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Envisioning Our Future

We carry out numerous online meetings per year discussing an extensive range of topics in critical areas of technology, biotechnology, electric vehicles, neurosciences, artificial intelligence, geopolitics, and others. We offer standard features like audio, video, and live chat, but also advanced ones improving the meeting efficiency like a whiteboard, mind maps, tasks, and user's active role screen sharing. In addition, you may bring your project up front for everyone's discussion. We include free access to many of our lessons in specific ClickUp AI plans.
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We host over 20 different courses. Our main focus is technology.

Introduction to Expert Insights

Learn from the author, Alex Vieira. Valuable stuff no one else 
can teach you.

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Intuitive Code Customer Portals

Learn about the universe of features available in your portal..

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The Value of Pattern Analysis

How do we turn complexity into simplicity. We discuss 
examples in finance and defense

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ClickUp Benefits for Investors

We use ClickUp to manage hundreds of projects but also to 
invest in the stock market.

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We host over 20 different courses. Our main focus is technology.

Fall in love with Intuitive bots

We teach how to accomplish specific tasks with bots..
Bots can save you lots of time and money.

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Learn about Intuitive Bot Builder

An overview of our bot builder platform and its features.

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A practical guide about RPA

Our clients are seeing tremendous benefits in robotic
process automation. 

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Our Coaches

Contact us if you wish to have an online university for your company.  We build and manage e-learning programs for over 140 companies and individuals.

Վիկտորիա Մալայան


AI RPA, Vice-President

Alex has an MSc from UMIST. He is an expert in numerous fields.

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Computational Science

Rui is a data scientist and applied researcher. He has a PhD from MIT.



Economy, CEO

Elena has two Degrees, Economics and Linguistics. She is the CEO.

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Listen to what common people without any previous experience have to say. We have been around since 1989.