AI Analysis vs. Traditional Analysis

Speaker(s): Alex Vieira

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About live session

We explain the benefits of using AI analysis versus traditional analysis. We focus on what matters to users, reliability, and accuracy. In addition, Alex Vieira compares the outcome of both approaches by discussing case scenarios of today's value. 

We publish the agenda for the meeting below. To make the meeting productive, we invite users' to have an active voice. We believe solutions can be obtained when you collaborate on real-life projects by bringing your problems and questions.

Furthermore, we limit the meeting to a small number of learners to improve efficiency. Finally, we make it affordable by including free access to many of our lessons in specific ClickUp AI plans. Learn more about your host, Alex Vieira, and his work here.

What you'll learn

We bring an expert in investment and mathematics to an online collaborative meeting on a leading productivity platform,, to discuss the agenda below. We offer standard features like audio, video, and live chat, but also advanced ones improving the meeting efficiency like a whiteboard, mind maps, tasks, and user's active role screen sharing. In addition, you may bring your project up front for everyone's discussion.

  • Introduction
  • Traditional Analysis components
  • AI Analysis components
  • The Decision Criteria
  • The Sustainability of a Mathematical Approach 
  • The Illusion of Chaos
  • Traditional Analysis Complexity vs. AI Analysis Simplicity
  • Hands-on using Traditional Analysis
  • Hands-on using AI Analysis 
  • Q&A live session

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Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira is Vice-President at Intuitive Code. He has an MSc from UMIST in England. He is an expert in numerous fields.