Using Tasks to Achieve Outstanding Execution: Snap Case Study

Speaker(s): Alex Vieira

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$ 50Included lessons: 3
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About live session

In these lessons, you will learn about the value of using my team tasks on the ClickUp platform to help professionals improve their performance drastically. In addition, you will know how we plan, organize, collaborate, and execute any investment project with powerful task management that we customize for every need, including powerful integrations with artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms.

I will use our video meeting platform—screen sharing. Live chat. Whiteboard. Multi-video panels are standard features. There is nothing to download. Registration is limited to ten people only. 

What you'll learn

We will start with an example of an existing project discussing how to invest in Snap which I shared with users worldwide. More information about this project here
I will explain the steps of this investment project undergoing since its IPO, namely how we have been using tasks, subtasks, and milestones on ClickUp.

Then, I will briefly talk about other essential ClickUp features vital for our clients and us. 

So I suggest that we dive deep into this topic and understand how to be more productive working together on a leading platform.

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Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira is Vice-President at Intuitive Code. He has an MSc from UMIST in England. He is an expert in numerous fields.