Intuitive AI Bitcoin Analysis

Speaker(s): Elena

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Included lessons: 1
Level։ intermediate

About live session

Intuitive Code CEO, Elena will analyze the cryptocurrency Bitcoin today. The team called the Bitcoin rally $3,000 to $68,000 and the recent crypto crash. 

We publish the agenda for the meeting below. To make the meeting productive, we invite users' to have an active voice. We believe solutions can be obtained when you collaborate on real-life projects by bringing your problems and questions.
Furthermore, we limit the meeting to a small number of learners to improve efficiency. Finally, we make it affordable by including free access to many of our lessons in specific ClickUp AI plans. Learn more about your host, Alex Vieira, and his work here.

What you'll learn

The collaborative online meeting will include the following agenda.

  • Introduction
  • Bitcoin (BTCUSD) chart
  • Bitcoin easy-to-use analysis
  • Latest actions
  • Bitcoin AI parameters
  • Scenarios
  • Users' Q&A session

Included lessons



Elena has two Degrees, Economics and Linguistics. She is the CEO.