OKTA Analysis

Speaker(s): Alex Vieira

$ 1500

$ 3500Included lessons: 1
Level։ beginner

About live session

Alex Vieira will analyze OKTA. We publish the agenda for the meeting below. To make the meeting productive, we invite users' to have an active voice. The host provides better solutions when everyone collaborates by bringing their problems and questions. Finally, we invite participants to join the collaborative online meeting on the platform. You can attend on your browser or your mobile by installing the app. 

What you'll learn

The meeting will include the following schedule.

  • Introduction
  • OKTA chart
  • OKTA easy-to-use analysis
  • Latest actions
  • OKTA AI parameters
  • Scenarios
  • Users' Q&A session

Included lessons


Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira is Vice-President at Intuitive Code. He has an MSc from UMIST in England. He is an expert in numerous fields.